What is a Community Group?


     Community Groups are at the center of everything that we do as a Church. Community Groups are weekly in-depth Bible studies that make the Word of God easy to understand and are in an open format that allow you to stop and ask questions.  Community Groups also come together to hang-out and have a good time. Come learn with us what Jesus means when He says, "follow Me".


What can I expect at a Community Group?


     A Community Group typically starts with a meal.  Some of the fondest memories we have are with family and friends over a meal.  Eating together has a unique way of building relationships and opening up conversations.  After a meal, the Community Group leader may open with a prayer (or he may ask someone who is comfortable with praying).  He will then lead a short lesson based on the book of the Bible that the group is currently going through.  Each Community Group goes through the same book of the Bible, verse by verse, stopping along the way to explain and allow for any questions the group may have.  At no point will anyone be singled out, asked to answer any questions, or pray if they have not already established that they are comfortable doing so.


How do I visit or join a Community Group?


     We like to group people in a Community Group that matches where they are currently in their life stage.  If you would like to visit a Community Group near you, please email us at and we can send you the contact information of that Community Group and how you can get involved.